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Is Dharma Sastha mentioned in Upapuranas & other Samhitas from Skanda Purana?

Or at least they mentioned the word "Sastha"? word "SAsta" is mentioned as one of the 11 rudras in 3 other chapters in skandapurANa : Kaumārikā-khaṇḍa chapter 5 : 79-80. He is ...
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Can somebody provide authentic description of fifty-one Shaktipeethas?

Here is a partial answer regarding the 5 Shakti Pithas you have mentioned separately: Mithila (43rd in the list): Mithilayam uma devi vamaskandhah mahodarah || In Mithila, Devi's left ...
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Where can I get the complete English translations of the Upapuranas?

English translation of Viṣṇudharmottara Purāṇa (Kāṇḍa III) is available at Shri Vishnudharmottara (A Text on Ancient Indian Arts), Priyabala Shah The Vishnudharmottara Part III: A ...
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Where can I get the complete English translations of the Upapuranas?

Kalki Purana with Sanskrit Verse (in English) and English translation Narasimha Purana with Sanskrit Verse (in Devnagari) and English translation Most of the Upapuranas (in Sanskrit Only)
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Are there additional Puranas besides the 18 Mahapuranas and 18 Upapuranas?

One concrete example is the Periya Puranam, compiled by Sekkizhar, that discusses the 63 Nayanars. A few others are the Saraswati Purana, the Kubera Purana (written by a Jain but about Hindu deities), ...
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English or Telugu translation of Narasimha Purana

Narasimha Purana with English translation and Sanskrit verses in pdf version can be found in archive. I could see many sources from where you can order this in a physical book form, now which one is ...
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