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Why is Indra known as Vaikuntha in some Rigvedic verses?

The devata of Rigveda tenth mandala 47 and 48 suktas (hymns) is Indra Vaikuntha. This is not Vishnu but one of the incarnations of Lord Indra. He is named as Vaikuntha because of his mother Vikuntha, ...
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What is the difference between Indra loka, Deva loka and Vaikuntha?

Indra Loka and Deva Loka are the same since Indra is the leader of the Devas who lives in their capital Amravati. The place is mentioned at many places and am sharing some of the references below. On ...
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Is Advaita moksha different from attaining Vaikuntha?

Yes, Advaita moksha is different from both dvaita and Vishishtadvaita Vedanta. Advaita Vedanta This school believes both in moksha while still living (Jivanmukti) and after death (krama-mukti). It ...
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Why is Indra known as Vaikuntha in some Rigvedic verses?

The Devata of Rig-Veda Mandala 10 - Sukta 47-50. Is Indra-Vaikuntha. And here in these suktas Indra is called as Vaikuntha. And why he is called so ? The possible answer is found in Shreemad Bhagavad ...
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If Lord Krishna lives in Goloka Vrindavana where do the other avataras live?

There are references to various places where the Avataras of Vishnu reside. Varaha Avatara resides in a sumptuous palace on Mount Meru. There is reference to this Skanda Purana under the Chapter ...
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At what speed does the time run in Vaikunth and Goloka?

There are two zones in COSMOS / vishav (which has multiple universe/ Jagat; which in turn has many superclusters/brahmaand; within which are many galaxies/ dweep; which in turn has many stars each ...
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How many other sub-abodes in Vainkuntha Abode (Planet)?

Nitaibol! It depends on which Sampradaya you follow. The traditional 2 Vaishnav schools (Sri Vaishnavs and Dvaitins) believe that there is only Vaikuntha. We Gaudiyas believe that there are Vaikuntha ...
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