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What are the important Vaikhānasa texts?

The Vaikhānasa āgama-s were composed by 4 r̥ṣi-s viz. Bhr̥gu, Kāśyapa, Atri and Marīcī. Atri's āgama-s: 1.Atreyatantra 2.Purvatantra 3.Uttaratantra 4.Visnutantra. In total his āgama-s come out to be ...
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What exactly are Pancharatra texts?

According to tradition, there are 108 Vaiṣṇava Pāñcarātra texts. However, there are more than 200 texts. These are also known as Saṁhitās. Here is the list of printed texts of the Pāñcarātrāgama. ...
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While eating among devotees

Responding per my understanding. In general, it is preferred that we wait for the elders to complete the meal and get up after they do. It is just good manners and makes the elders feel good. If ...
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Do any commentators of Brahmasūtras other than Ādi Śaṅkarācārya disagree with both Pañcarātra and Śaiva Āgamas?

Actually Bhaskara and Vallabhacharya also say the same thing as Shankaracharya has said about this adhikarana: Not a wholesale rejection of Pancharatra but only a partial. The theology part is not ...
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Does the first verse of Nammalwar's Thiruvaimozhi intentionally spell out AUM?

the fact it needs to be rearranged makes it seem unlikely. one interesting hymn is Sri Gayatri Ramayanam which is composed of verbatim excerpts from Valmiki Ramayana arranged in a way where the first ...
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Is Śiva a Vaiṣṇava? Does Shastras speak of Viṣṇu being the greatest devotee of Lord Śiva?

Often the question posted by you arises in the mind of most devoted persons, persons of Brahmin origin & Persons who feel in heart why there are Shaivaite & Vaishnavaite cults though both live ...
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Is Narayana understood in Shri Vaishnavism as an anthropomorphic being or are his descriptions as a human-like being understood symbolically?

I also wonder whether, from the Shri Vaishnavism point of view, avatars who descend into the material world have material bodies. This one is pretty clear. They are not material. In Bhagavad Gita 4.9 ...
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Signs of Kali Yuga

I have posted some verses about Kali Yuga in a Purana. Kali Yuga These are the characteristics of Kaliyuga: violence, jealousy, falsehood, deception and slaughter of ascetics. These are the ...
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Does the first verse of Nammalwar's Thiruvaimozhi intentionally spell out AUM?

I very much doubt that this was intentional. Here are the original Tamil verses: உயர்வு அற உயர் நலம் உடையவன் எவன்? அவன் மயர்வு அற மதி நலம் அருளினன் எவன்? அவன் அயர்வு அறும் அமரர்கள் அதிபதி எவன்? அவன் ...
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Did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu really chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra?

Laghu Bhagavamrta is a work by Rupa Goswami, a direct disciple of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In the verse 4 he says, śrī-caitanya-mukhodgīrṇā hare-kṛṣṇeti varṇakāḥ | majjayanto jagat premṇi vijayantāṁ ...
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From where can I get Mrtyunjaya Tantra / Mrtyu-Sanjaya Tantra book?

Have you noticed all the Vaishnava tantras seem to disappear? I am sure they are all hidden somewhere they just aren't getting published and disseminated. This covert hiddenness of the Vaishnava is ...
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Was Rama a god?

सर्वे अवताराः श्री रामचंद्रेचरणेखाभ्यः समुद्भवन्ति तथा अन्य कोटि विष्णुश्चतुर्व्युहश्च समुद्भवन्ति एवमयपराजितेश्वरपरिमिताः परनारायणादयः अष्टभुजा नारायणादयश्च अनंतकोटि संख्यकाः बुद्धाजंलिपुरा सर्वकालं ...
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