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Mentions of Valmiki Samhita

Valmiki Samhita is considered as one of the most prominent scripture for the worship of Bhagvan Sri Ram and infact in this text alone for the very first time “Vishishtadvaita” has been quoted, this ...
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Do sources state that in Rama's kingdom of Kosala a wife who stayed in a different man's house could not remain married to her husband?

There is no such law. The real reason Lord Rama abandoned Sita was to fullfill the curse of Bhrigu - The Daityas, whom the Suras threatened, took refuge with the consort of Bhrigu and she, having ...
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Where can I find a searchable text of Valmiki Ramayana online?

The search can be done in the Bombay Indology website. Here, the text is divided based on Kandas, rather than sargas, which makes the search easier. However, this is the Critical Edition of the ...
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