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What has Virāṭa Parva pārāyaṇa got to do with rains?

This web page says that the chanting of the Virata Parva of the Mahabharata was once done by Chandrashekhara Bharati II, a former Sharankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt, in order to produce rain. And his ...
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When did Krishna fight Varuna and Agni?

Krishna fighting with Agni and Varuna is described in Vishnu Parva of Harivamsa. These events happened at the time of Aniruddha marriage. Fighting with Agni happened just when entering in the ...
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What has Virāṭa Parva pārāyaṇa got to do with rains?

The preface of the book "ESSENCE OF VIRAT PARVA OF MAHA BHARATA" states that it is believed that recitation of the Durga Stuti done by Yudhishthira just before entering the Virata Kingdom is capable ...
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Which was the red sea that the Pandavs visited on their journey to attain Swarga?

It's the Brahmaputra river. The word used in the original Sanskrit is Lauhitya: śvā caivānuyayāv ekaḥ pāṇḍavān prasthitān vane | krameṇa te yayur vīrā lauhityaṃ salilārṇavam || Here is what ...
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Why Mitra and Varuna devas are also called Rudras In Rig veda book 5 hymn 70?

This is a problem of translation. You are right in saying that Varuna and Mitra belongs to Adtiya gan as described in various hymns. Rudra gan is a different group, only Maruts are designated as ...
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What has Virāṭa Parva pārāyaṇa got to do with rains?

Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao in his discourse on Mahābhārata in this YouTube video (Telugu) says that the custom of reciting Virāṭa Parva for rains has originated because Bhīṣma describes the 18 signs ...
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Did Vishnu or Varuna measure out the Earth?

The word asura is an epithet in Rig Veda, used to indicate the Almighty. Varuna is another epithet used to indicate Brahman or Almighty. AGNI or VARUNA or INDRA or VISHNU were mentioned, ...
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Did Vishnu or Varuna measure out the Earth?

Rigveda 2:3-4"Hero of Heroes, Agni! Thou art Indra, thou art Viṣṇu of the Mighty Stride, adorable:Thou, Brahmaṇaspati, the Brahman finding wealth: thou, O Sustainer, with thy wisdom tendest us. Agni, ...
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