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Realize the Unchangeable - which Veda says this?

There is one Shloka in Rigveda 1.164.39: ऋचो अक्षरे परमे व्योमन् यस्मिन्देवा अधि विश्वे निषेदुः । यस्तं न वेद किमृचा करिष्यति य इत्तद्विदुस्त इमे समासते ॥ Of what avail are the Vedas to him who does ...
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Modernish books on Gita, Vedas/Upanishads for tweens/teens

Eternal Stories from the Upanishads by Thomas Egenes, Kumuda Reddy Upanishadic Stories by Swami Tattwananda Stories from Vedanta by Amarananda Swami Galpe Vedanta by Swami Vishwashrayananda (Bengali) ...
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Meaning of Kapardin " कपर्दिन् "

Śatarudriya hymns of Yajurveda which often eulogise Lord Rudra with contradictory attributes paired together has: नमः॑ कप॒र्दिने॑ च॒ व्यु॑प्तकेशाय च॒ namah kapardine ca vyuptakeśāya ca "Homage to ...
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Which verses of Yajurveda does Satapatha Brahmana correspond to?

I am citing here whole Mantras, not the relevant part mentioned in Shatpath, from Adhyay (Chapter) 23 and Mantra 20-31: Note: Since some Yama character cannot be found on this keyboard they are ...
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Where can I find reference of Caturvarga?

Shiva Purana chapter 2.,section 2,.15.couplet :55 प्रत्यग्द्रष्ट्रैऽविकाराय परमैश्वर्य धारिणे । यं भजन्ति चतुर्वर्गे कामयंतीष्टसद्गतिम् । सोऽभूदकरुणस्त्वं नः प्रसन्नो भव ते नमः ॥ ५५ ॥ pratyagdraṣṭrai'...
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Why is Devi Ambika called Lord Shiva's sister in Yajurveda?

They are All. Everything that exists and that doesn't exit is nothing but Shiva and Shakti. There is none other that Shiva and Shakti. So they are beholder of Every Relationship too... अहं ते हृदये गौ...
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