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Why do Bramha sutras say that Shudras cannot listen to Vedas?

Enough of the ramblings and desperate attempts to accommodate some of the most cruel and hypocritical Brahminical passages in having some merit. Assuming that the Brahma Sutra did have this Section on ...
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Can vedic gods like Indra or Agni understand English

As the Sanskrit Vedic hymns are directly spoken by the Rishis whose consciousness is already liberated from Maya (illusion), their words possess extraordinary spiritual potency. One can hear the ...
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Where are the original/last known manuscripts of Hindu texts?

I am very fond of the University of Pennsylvania Digital Library you will have to be creative with how you search it though as the traditional spelling for some scriptures shows no search result, but ...
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Do any Hindu scriptures say that Hinduism is not a religion but simply a way of life?

No But yes it is I meant to say that Hinduism is without ram Krishna and buddha and without kalki and finally no hayagreeva fight with matsya
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Realize the Unchangeable - which Veda says this?

There is one Shloka in Rigveda 1.164.39: ऋचो अक्षरे परमे व्योमन् यस्मिन्देवा अधि विश्वे निषेदुः । यस्तं न वेद किमृचा करिष्यति य इत्तद्विदुस्त इमे समासते ॥ Of what avail are the Vedas to him who does ...
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Modernish books on Gita, Vedas/Upanishads for tweens/teens

Eternal Stories from the Upanishads by Thomas Egenes, Kumuda Reddy Upanishadic Stories by Swami Tattwananda Stories from Vedanta by Amarananda Swami Galpe Vedanta by Swami Vishwashrayananda (Bengali) ...
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Where can I find reference of Caturvarga?

Shiva Purana chapter 2.,section 2,.15.couplet :55 प्रत्यग्द्रष्ट्रैऽविकाराय परमैश्वर्य धारिणे । यं भजन्ति चतुर्वर्गे कामयंतीष्टसद्गतिम् । सोऽभूदकरुणस्त्वं नः प्रसन्नो भव ते नमः ॥ ५५ ॥ pratyagdraṣṭrai'...
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Meaning of Kapardin " कपर्दिन् "

Śatarudriya hymns of Yajurveda which often eulogise Lord Rudra with contradictory attributes paired together has: नमः॑ कप॒र्दिने॑ च॒ व्यु॑प्तकेशाय च॒ namah kapardine ca vyuptakeśāya ca "Homage to ...
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What are the 'obscene rites of queen in Aswamedha' talked about in Sarvadarsanasamagraha by Carvakas?

12th Century Carvakas are not being quoted, the slokas quoted by Madhavacharya are from the Barhaspatya Sutras which are the founding text of the Charvaka school authored by Brihaspati guru of the ...
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Which verses of Yajurveda does Satapatha Brahmana correspond to?

I am citing here whole Mantras, not the relevant part mentioned in Shatpath, from Adhyay (Chapter) 23 and Mantra 20-31: Note: Since some Yama character cannot be found on this keyboard they are ...
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