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Ranga Ramanuja muni has written commentaries on the principal upanishads based on the Vishistadvaita tradition. His work has been translated by Dr. N. S. Anantha Rangachar and available here Vedanta Desikan has also written a commentary on the Isha upanishad.


Akhyati vada of Prabhakara school is different from Satkhyati Vada of Shri Ramanujacharya. You have to take a single example of silver in the nacre or snake in the rope example and look at all the classifications of error. Akhyātivāda of Prabhakara Mimansa. The error lies not in perception but in the lack of appropriate discrimination. Advaita rejects this ...


Kashmir Shaivism (KS) rejects the Advaita Vedānta (AV) theory of eternal and independent ignorance. In Kashmir Shaivism, avidyā and māyā (illusion), are Śakti, They also believe in infinite souls and liberation. But liberation is not by knowledge alone as there are two ajnana in Kashmir Shaivism. In Kashmir Shaivism, bondage is real and maya is also real. ...


First, Kashmiria Shaivism, although not a part of Advaita Vedanta, is an Advaita philosophy. Professor Chandradhar Sharma in his book The Advaita Tradition in Indian Philosophy: A Study of Advaita in Buddhism, Vedanta and Kashmira Shaivism writes in Chapter 8 (Kashmira Shaivism: A Critical Estimate): The charge of Kashmira Shaivism against Advaita Vedanta ...

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