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No such lokas exist as references to Vaikuntha do not exist in Rig Veda, which is the source for every spiritual aspect of Sanatana Dharma aka Hinduism. Sri Ramana Maharshi was considered to be a great sage of his times. An excerpt from his teachings. Similarly someone enquired of Bhagavan some time back, “People talk of Vaikunta, Kailasa, Indraloka, ...


Yes, Lord Varaha have single tusk as per Valmiki Ramayana: Yuddha Kanda: Sarga 117 भवान्नारायणो देवः श्रीमांश्चक्रायुधः प्रभुः || ६-११७-१३ एकशृङ्गो वराहस्त्वं भूतभव्यसपत्नजित् | "You are the Lord Narayana himself the glorious god, who wields the discus. You are the Divine Boar with a single tusk, the conqueror of your past and future enemies."


This is best explained through Manusmriti 2.12 vedaḥ smṛtiḥ sadācāraḥ svasya ca priyamātmanaḥ | etaccaturvidhaṃ prāhuḥ sākṣād dharmasya lakṣaṇam || 12 || The Veda, the Smṛti, the Practice of cultured Men, and what is agreeable to oneself—these directly constitute the fourfold means of knowing Dharma.—(12) As mentioned above the fourth source of Dharma is &...

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