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Are women forbidden to recite the Chandipath?

In Durga Saptashati Keelak Stava itself it is written that feminine auspiciousness(aspects of good luck specific to women's lives, concerning marriage, husbands, in laws, family, reproductive health, ...
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Can women work to earn a living?

Bro, like I said: Vedas are the main scriptures, not Smrtis like that other dude said. But since some dude didn't like my answer, I'll just elaborate. If a Smrti or Shruti goes against Vedas, we ...
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Can women work to earn a living?

The extreme misogynistic verses quoted above are invalid because they discriminate against women. There is no reason to accept these awful verses. Women have every right to earn a living. No ...
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What are the repercussions for a woman who remains unmarried lifelong?

There's no question of going to hell merely due to not getting married. There're no such repercussions. Young women can be taken advantage of in the society by uncultured men which is why the ...
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