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What is the scriptural definition of "Nitya Karma" for a non-initiate?

The Vedantasara of Sadananda, which is one of the best books on Advaita Vedanta due to its clarity, organised structure and brevity, gives a definition of Nitya Karma. The text discusses who is the ...
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Can we worship Alakshmi?

Alakṣmī is indeed worshipped by Bengalis. While most Bengali Hindus observe the worship of Dakṣiṇākālī on the midnight of Dīpānvitā amāvasyā, families hailing from Eastern Bengal worship Lakṣmī on the ...
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What to do with lemon given at Durga temples?

Devotees should prepare juice from the lemons offered to them as prasadam and consume with full devotion. This is what the priest told me upon asking in Kolaramma temple at Kolar .
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Why do Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva always meditate on each other?

Because of the instructions given by Bhagawan Shiva to them. Sri Shiva Purana 2.1:1:10.: Lord Śiva said:— 1. O Viṣṇu of good rites, O Hari, listen to another pronouncement of mine. You will be worthy ...
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