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Which is the oldest scriptural reference for Diwali?

The oldest scriptural references that I could find after going through many books are from the Padma and Skanda Purans. Sharing the relevant excerpts below. According to the Uttar Khand of the Padma ...
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Source of the Yama Gayatri Mantra & Worship of Lord Yama in the scriptures

This particular Gayatri mantra of Lord Yama can be found in the Linga Purana. Quoting from the book "Essence of Linga Purana" (Chapter name - Varied Swarupas of Gayatri): Vainateyaaya ...
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Who is God of death - Shiva or Yama?

Shiva is supreme soul Paramatma, he never come into cycle of death or birth, so he is ever pure. ocian of love and ocian of knowledge ( thrimurthi thrikala darshi) Shiva is not god of death, when ...
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How is Aryama linked to the Pitrs, and how is his role different from Yama's?

aryaman means Sun. aryaman is singular in Accusative Case, and its plural in same Case is aryamAn. Aditi's children are the 12 names for Sun. Source:
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