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What scripture has the story of the death of Yama and the creation of the night?

The story is described in Kanda 1, Prapathaka 5, Anuvaka 12 of the Maitrayani Samhita of the Yajur Veda yamo vā amriyata te devā yamyā yamam apābruvaṃs tāṃ yad apṛchant sābravīd adyāmṛteti te 'bruvan ...
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Is Yami the twin sister of Yama?

Yami is none other than Devi Yamuna. 4-5. O sage, the sun begot three offsprings of her: the patriarch Manu Śrāddhadeva, Yama and Yamunā born as twins. 40-42. The lord is performing penance even ...
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