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Are there any healing or medicinal meditation in Hinduism?

From my knowledge, "ART-OF-VASHEEYA" is part of Meditation on God with "Om Chants" with body not taking food for atleast a day. This is called Healing meditation. "Foods we ...
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Reference Request [Upanishads]: Chitta and Vrittis

Subconscious mind is termed 'Chitta' in Vedanta. Much of your subconsciousness consists of submerged experiences Swami Sivananda Samskaaras ( such as raaga/dvesha -likes/dislikes , other memories, ...
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Chest breath or stomach breath while doing yoga, pranayama and meditation?

Meditation and Yoga are very diverse subjects to have a lot of detailed discussions on breath control, awareness, and techniques. While it is not possible to tell you which method is the correct ...
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