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Languages: Ruby,Python,nodeJS, PHP,Angular,JavaScript,jQuery,Html,CSS.

Frameworks: Reactjs and Redux,Ruby on Rails,Express (NodeJS),Flask(python) ,KrakenJS (Node), Laravel, Bootstrap, etc.

CMS: Wordpress

Operating Systems: Linux and windows.

Softwares & plateforms: git, Heroku, aws,mlab.

Databases: Mysql,Sqlite,Postgresql,mongoDb.

Programming platforms with Tech: Windows Software's (Python Tkinter), ios and android (python kivy), websites (php,js,angular,reactJS,ruby,python,html,css).

Extra Skills: Hacking, Metasploit, Pentesting, Wifi Hacking, Cryptography, Network security, Wireshark, Nmap, etc.

Hobbies: Chess, Crack Softwares & Passwords, Learn new things in programming.

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