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Biz Yankee

I was very interested in dedicating my life to helping people. I got my basic bachelors to PhD in this country (USA) and my I was licensed to practice. As a Therapist I dealt with Family problems, Addictions and Mental Health issues. As a professional I enjoyed learning a lot about Integrating Spirituality with Religion. I was born into a very Devout Hindu Household. However, I was very interested in reaching people. I do have a fair understanding of Christianity. But I am a Hindu and trying to reach into my archives of my mind for what I had learned. I am extremely happy to see that Hinduism is dispelling the Myths of the Muslims and raising Hindu consciousness. I have two grandchildren of course who are half White but raising them as I raised my children about being Hindu. I merely want to be a student and learn from all of you. Gracefully accept my shortcomings. I refuse to use Facebook and Twitter etc Thank You

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