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What is the exact definition of marriage in Hinduism?
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In Sanskrit there are a number of terms for marriage:– vivāha, pāṇigrahaṇa, udvāha etc. The term vivāha is derived from the root VI which means (Source: Sanskrit dictionary) special or specific and ...

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Are Sudras not allowed to study any scriptures of Hindusim?
2 votes

The advice by Gautama 12:4 quoted by both Ramanuja and Shankara in the Brahmasutras (apashudra-adhikarana) that a Sudra who hears the Vedas chanted should have his ears filled with molten lac was ...

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Are there yajnas that can be done to increase the quality of life and happiness of all people?
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All Yajñas by definition have a universal component but the specific utility of the yajña depends on one's sankalpa. So if you wish to sponsor a universal yajña it can be Bhagavad Gītā mahā yajña in ...

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