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I am a person living in a Christian world trying to learn about Hinduism.

I have a twin sister, Pamela. She and I both have been drawn to Hinduism since our young adulthood as a path we were meant to follow but having no direction or even an idea about Hinduism we simply lived life with the knowledge that we were suppose to be somewhere else. We discovered Hinduism and form what we were reading on the internet, we knew THiS was our path. We both live in areas that does not have much influence in the way of religion and neither of us have found anyone to whom we could direct our questions to and receive guidance from as we learn to walk this path. We do a lot of reading and searching on the internet and we discuss what we read and what we believe it means.

I am so happy to find this site and have the ability to be able to ask questions and be able to read questions others ask and all the interesting and wonder answers and comments that come with those questions. These really helps us to understand a path we always knew we were meant to walk but only just starting our journey.

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