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"There's no such thing as Gods, just people with stupidly large amounts of power" - RATHROR

Avatar - OC Commission by PraVDa-pxiv

Indie game developer/author, currently working on a game and book.

Huge Otaku for Games, Anime, Manga, etc. Collects figures/merchandise with a paranoia that compels me to buy 2 of any collectable i can't duplicate easily.

Enjoys most genres however has a bias towards Yuri (百合, "lily") and will favour it over others.

Currently Watching

  • Thunderbolt Fantasy

Currently Reading

  • Hana and Hina After School

Currently Playing

  • [PS3] - Tales of Graces f
  • [Vita] - Tales of Hearts R

Current Projects

  • Nexis Core [Game]
  • Avaria Core [Book]
  • RPG Maker XP DLC Module [Script]

  • Rathror Estate, Lucaria
  • Member for 2 years, 6 months
  • 29 profile views
  • Last seen Mar 3 at 12:03