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I am a Sandilya Gothra (not to be confused with wikipedia entry about sage Sandilya's sons), Shri Mukh Sirjam Tiwari Brahmin by caste.

We are considered the highest class of brahmins in North India, as it is believed that my forefathers were born as a result of a yagya performed by Maharshi Gautam, by the grace of Lord Agni ( we had a kuleen mantra to produce agni anywhere which has been lost just 2 generations back as my great grand father thought that its too dangerous to have this Mantra continue seeing the greedy nature of present day humans)

I have studied many of our scriptures as a usual practice in our family by the age of 12. We have several of 1 copy scriptures in our family which have been preserved since ages, but general public don't have access to it. We have been taught part of them too.

I hate giving references because 1> it seems an insult 2> Its not possible to recollect where exactly something has been read, as there has been 100s of books which I have read over the course of time. :)

if you don't like an answer of mine, just scroll down, if you have question regarding any answer I have submitted, you can ask me again, I will try to clear your doubts.

And I hate wannabe western people :)

Jai Shri Ram

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