Yoga Vashishtha, is a conversation between Maharishi Vashistha and Shri Rama. Shri Rama, when young, comes to the palace back after travelling the country and is very despondent. Rishi Vashishtha gives him knowledge and the conversation happens on various topics.

The Yoga Vashishtha covers the mysterious topics of time, space, consciousness etc.

Although, the question is: Are there any records on the evolution of Earth mentioned in the text?


In Yoga Vashishtha, the conversation between Sage Vashishtha and Bhusunda mentions how Earth evolved over time.

Sage Vasishstha asked:

You enjoy such longevity as would suggest that you have attained final liberation! And, you are wise, brave and a great yogi. Pray, tell me what extra-ordinary events you remember, relating to this and the previous world-cycles.

Bhusunda narrates such events in great details. I am mentioning only a part of the answer here.

Bhusunda said:

…I remember that once upon a time there was nothing on this Earth, neither trees and plants, nor even mountains. For a period of eleven thousand years the Earth was under lava…

…[Later] apart from the polar region, the rest of the Earth was covered by water. And then forests enveloped the Earth, and great asuras (demons) ruled.

Then there arose great mountains, but without any human inhabitants. For a period of ten thousand years, the Earth was covered with the corpses of the asuras (daityas)…”

Bhusunda continues like this for quite a time, narrating more events. For more, read here: www.estudantedavedanta.net/The-Supreme-Yoga-Swami-Venkatesananda.pdf

Shloka number: 6.1.21.

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