In the legend about Venkateswara, he marries Padmavati. There is mention about Vedavati. What is the relationship between Vedavati and Padmavati?


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From Skanda Purana:

Varaha Deva described to Bhu Devi that Emperor Akash decided to perform a Grand Yagna on the banks of Arani and while tilling, he found a girl child and as he was issueless, brought her up as their own, named as Padmavati......

Varaha Deva narrated the background of Padmavati’s earlier birth as Vedavati to Bhu Devi. Vedavati was a companion of Devi Lakshmi and when the latter became Rama’s spouse as Sita, she left for forests to perform Tapasya, but demon Ravana misbehaved with her and she ended her life by jumping into fire and cursed Ravana that his entire clan would be wiped out because of a woman.

So,Padmavati was Vedavati in her earlier birth(as correctly said in another answer) & which was when Rama lived,i.e in the Treta Yuga.

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