It is stated that Prarabdha Karma is the one which the person has to undergo without a doubt and cannot be changed unlike other Karma-s which can be changed.

But do we have a way to cross or completely eliminate Prarabdha Karma? What does devotional path say about this? Do we have proper reference by which we can alter or eliminate this Karma?

The reason why I'm asking this question is - it were the same scriptures which said that it's difficult to remove one's Karma which is carried over many births but in "Bhagavad Gita", Krishna conveyed Isvara Gyana burns your Karmas to Ashes. So, is the Brahma Gyana the only way to overcome Prarabdha Karma?

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    As per Ekadashi fast's kathaa, Ekadashi vrata is use to wash away all our sins. It washes not only current birth's sin but previous birth's sins too. For example the last Ekadashi that passed (Jaya or Aja Ekadashi) is specially known to remove sins of our past births. It(Jaya) remove our prev. birth sin so that we can get joy in current birth(coz we are facing grief in this birth coz of prev. birth's sin). So basically Ekadashi vrata is sin removal vrata and grants moksha. It is one of the easiest way of getting moksha. It fills life with joy and devotion.
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    Prarabdha Karma is faced even by Jivanmuktas (God realized), only intensity can be reduced. After realization, sanchita karma is burnt by the fire of knowledge and generation of Agami Karma is also prevented.
    – Pinakin
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    There are 3 types of karma. 1) Sanchit, 2) Kriyamana, 3) Prarabdha.... No. 1 is accumulated over past so many births and present life, which can be burnt by sadhana. No. 3 is defined as "no.1 converted or ripened into no. 3". It can't be done away in short cut. We have to calmly suffer it; but yes, we may not feel its pinch as much. Bcoz if our mind would be attached with god through sadhana. (unlike somebody said that "its intensity would be reduced"). I would try to find scriptural ref. Don't remember where. So posting it as comment.
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    @AkshayKumarS yeah...
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