In puranas Dadhichi is primarily known for sacrificing his life so the Devas, or benevolent celestial beings, could make the weapon called "Vajra" from his bones. After being driven out from Svarga, or heaven, by the serpent king Vritra, the Devas needed a powerful weapon to aid their fight. By making use of the Vajra, made from the sage Dadhichi's bones, the Devas defeated the Asura and reclaimed heaven.

However, Rig Veda tells a different story.

Usana is said to have increased the vigour of Indra ( RV. 1-51-10)

The might which Usana hath formed for thee with might rends in its greatness and with strength both worlds apart. O Hero-souled, the steeds of Vata, yoked by thought, have carried thee to fame while thou art filled with power.

Usana fashioned the thunderbolt for him for slaying Vritra

Mount Indra, lover of the men thou guardest, the well-yoked horses of the wind, best bearers. The bolt which Kavya Usana erst gave thee, strong, gladdening, Vrtra-slaying, hath he fashioned.

Rig Veda 1.121.12

He who filled full his belly with the Soma's juice, Maghavan, was delighted with the meath's sweet draught, When Usana, that he might slay the monstrous beast, gave him the mighty weapon with a thousand points.

Rig Veda 5.34.2

My question is this - Is it Usana, but not Dadhichi, in Rig Veda gave Indra the Vajra?

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