Verses for detachment from Arishadvarga or Shadripu:

  1. Lust (Kama)
  2. Anger (Krodha)
  3. Greed (Lobha)
  4. Arrogance (Mada)
  5. Attachment (Moha)
  6. Jealousy (Matsarya)

स्त्रीष्वध्यासितचित्तस्य ये पुंसः शुक्रबिन्दवः।

ते सुखाय न मन्यन्ते स्वेदजा इव ते तथा॥५५॥

The drops of semen of a person who is lustful with his mind engaged in women when dropped, they cannot make him comfortable like the drops of sweat.

This Verse prevents My lustful thoughts.. I want verses which detach Me from Arishadvarga or Shadripu..

Indra deva is said to test person with Arishadvarga or Shadripu.

Any Mantra on Indra Deva related to Arishadvarga or Shadripu..



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