This question is intended to know about broad level classification only. Further classification is not needed.

In English language, words may not exist for each category of ghosts. So I am using an umbrella term ghost to cover all such beings.

I heard and know the names of Bhoota, Pretha, Pisacha only.

Are these three only the classes of ghosts? If no, what is the broad level classification of ghosts?

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    Bhoota preta are same only (if I’m not mistaken) both are past tense- bhoota means were or was in the sense the person was. And preta means gone or departed in the sense of those departed. Pishaacha are another creature like vetaala etc. I think (not sure) – Archit Feb 3 at 14:00
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    @Archit makes them seem less like classifications and more like different euphemisms for the same thing. – candied_orange Feb 3 at 19:22
  • @candied_orange sure :). If you like the question you can contribute an upvote to it. Welcome to HSE! Hope you have a pleasant time here. – Archit Feb 3 at 19:28
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    Just heard, it's based on age of the person who dies. Like as i heard Munja (of a small kid) , Khiss (of a unmarried ). Or based on wishes remaining. I just guess these are not true classifications. – Proxy Feb 4 at 3:15

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