What is the source and all the information of this mantra:

Om Shreem Shree Dharaya Trailokya Mohanaya namaha?

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The exact verse is found in Garuda Purana, Purva Khanda, Achara Kanda, Section 1, Chapter 29. These are the mantras are used in Trailokyamohini rite for the gaining of various objects and it is described by Lord Hari himself.

त्रैलोक्यमोहिनी वक्ष्ये पुरुषोत्तममुख्यकाम्।
पूजामन्त्राष्ट्रीधराद्यान्धम्र्मकामादिदायकान्। १॥

Hari said :-I will now describe the Trailokyamohini rite (fascinating the three worlds) of the foremost of male beings, its adoration and the mantram called Śridhara which yeilds religious profit, desire and wives.

ॐ श्रीं (श्रीः) श्रीधराय त्रैलौकयमोहनाय नमः॥
क्लीं पुरुषोत्तमाय त्रैलाक्यमोहनाय नमः॥ ३॥

Srim, salutation unto the holder of Sri and the enchanter of the three worlds. Klim, salutation unto the foremost of male beings, the enchanter of the three worlds.

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    No not two, more are there.. You can find them in the linked page. For example this is another: Om Vishnave trailokyamohanaya namaha | Om Srim hrim klim trailokyamohanaya vishnave namaha || Here he just gave u the exact one u're looking for (with Sridhara in it). @SudevMuraleedharan Also, i am not sure why the Srih in brackets is there.. Mite be it's added by the translator?
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The Mantra you have quoted is from Garuda Purana - Achara Kanda - Section 1 - Chapter 30 - Verse 8 . " Shreedhara (vishnu) Vidhi Dharma" . But is little different.

This mantra is used in worship of Shridhara manifestation of Lord Vishnu.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीधराय त्रैलोक्यमोहनाय विष्णवे नमः आगच्छ ॥ .1.30.8 ॥

Om Hrim Shreedharaya TrailokyaMohanaya Vishnave Namah Aagchhya

Om Hrim ,Salutation unto Shreedhara , Trilokyamohana and Vishnu.

Meaning According to pancharatra worship of Narayana (Vishnu).

shridhar (श्रीधर)- The bearer of Śrī who listens-to-prayers”):—One of the twenty-four forms of Viṣṇu through which Nārāyaṇa manifests himself. He is accompanied by a counterpart emanation of Lakṣmī (an aspect of Devī) who goes by the name Medhā.

The word Trilokya Mohana is used as the one who attracts the three worlds and generally used to address Narasimha ( the man lion ) Avatar of lord Vishnu according to Narad Pancharatra.

enter image description here

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