I've been deeply researching Hinduism as of late, and recently have been learning about the Samaveda, it's distinctions from the Rigveda and it's overall purpose. A thought recently came to me: The Samaveda is (as one post put it) a 'remix' of the Rigveda, the hymns are modified from the Rigveda for singing. Is there any place by chance that has a list equating verses of the Sama and Rig Vedas?

For example, I noticed that in the first decade of the Samaveda, the 8th verse reads

May Vatsa draw thy mind away even from thy loftiest dwelling place! Agni, I yearn for thee with song.

which is lifted from Manadala 8, Hymn 11 of the Rigveda. I would love to have a list of such parallels as there are definitely certain verses of the Rigveda I would like to try to find in the Samaveda.


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OM namaH sAmavedAya

Yes. Here is a complete list of references to the Rigveda.

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