As per Wikipedia article on Satyabhama:

Satyabhama is the third consort of the God Krishna, the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu. Satyabhama is believed to be an avatar of Bhumī Devī, the Goddess of Earth who is Prakriti form of Mahalakshmi. She aided Krishna in defeating the demon Narakasura.

Wikipedia mentions satyabhama has incarnation of bhumi devi but I haven't found any such reference in scriptures.Please do provide reference.

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The fact of Satyabhama as an incarnation of Bhumi Devi (the Goddess of Earth) has been mentioned across several scriptures.

In Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna says that Vasundhara born as Satyabhama

Sri Krsna said- ........Savitri the mother of the Vedas would be born as the daughter of Nagnajit and would be known with the name of Satya. Vasundhara would be born as Satyabhama and Sarasvati would be born as Saivya

[243, Chapter 6, Sri Krsna-janma-khanda, Brahma Vaivarta Purana]

Shri Narada also says the samething in Garga Samhita

Shri Narada said: .... The goddess of fortune will take birth as Bhishmaka's daughter Rukmini. Lord Shiva's consort will take birth as Jambavati. Tulasi will take birth as Satya and Vasundhara as Satyabhama.

[37, Chapter 3, Canto 1, Garga Samhita]

Note that Vasundhara is a name used for Bhumi devi.

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Devi Satyabhama being the incarnation of Bhumi devi is provided in different scriptures including Brahma Vaivarta purana, Garga samhita, Padma Purana,krishnoupanishad, and Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya. Brahma Vaivarta Purana(6.141-150):

141.Lord Sesa, the master of the universes, will go to Devaki’s womb. Then Yogamaya will pull (sankars) Him into Rohini’s womb. For this reason He will be called Sankarsana.

142.Ganga will come to the earth in a partial incarnation as Yamuna. Tulasi will appear in a half-incarnation as princess Laksmana.

143.Saintly Savitri, the mother of the Vedas, will be named Nagnajiti. Vasundhara will become Satyabhama. Goddess Sarasvati will become Saibya.[2]

  • Garga Samhita 1.3:

Tulasi will take birth as Satya and Vasundhara as Satyabhama.

  • Padma Puran (Uttara kanda chapter 29): Śrī Rudra said:

The glorious daughter of Satrājit, named Satyā, born with a portion of the Earth, was another wife of Kṛṣṇa. The glorious daughter of the Sun, named Kālindī, was his third wife.

  • Krishnoupanishad:

The "mercy" was born as mother Rohini and the “mother earth ” was born as Sathya Bhama.

  • Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya 20.60:

“Śrīmati Rukmiṇī-devī and Śrīmati Satyabhāmā devi are Śrī-Śaktis: Śrī-Devi and Bhu-Devi (respectively)”.


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