Is there any esoteric meaning of Hanuman Chalisa ?

  • What do we mean by esoteric? Its technically about a god and hence esoteric correct? – Archit Jan 27 at 16:21
  • 1
    Dear Archit, There are always literal meanings and esoteric meanings. Literal is what is written we drive a word to word meaning from that and esoteric is some deep meaning e.g. if you search for esoteric meaning of Durga Chalisa you will find it. In similar way I was just looking for some deeper meaning for Hanuman Chalisa as well. Hope this helps. – Anoop Kammboj Jan 29 at 9:50
  • "something only understood by a chosen group", is it sounds Esoteric to you? Then NO. If you start reading chalisa, then you will get to know the meaning.. All good things for everyone not for a group of people... thehansindia.com/life-style/spiritual/… – CR241 Feb 6 at 2:43

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