I came across these terminology,can someone tell me

Who is called an Avadhoota ? What is the meaning of Avadhoota chintana ?

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The word Avadhoota (अवधूत) has the following meanings

shaken, waved

discarded, rejected, despised

insulted, humiliated

excelled, surpassed

attacked, overcome

separated from worldly attachments and connections as referenced from these two Shlokas


यो विलंघ्याश्रमान्वर्णानातमन्येथ स्थितः पुमान् ।

अतिवर्णाश्रमी योगी अवधूतः स उच्यते ॥


अक्षरत्वात् वरेण्यत्वान् धूतसंसारबंधनात ।

तस्वमस्यर्थसिन्द्वतवादवधूतोऽभिधीयते ॥

The word Chintanam (चिंतनं) has the following meanings

thinking, thought

sad or sorrowful thought, care, anxiety

reflection, consideration

Hence, Avadhoota Chintanam means the contemplation of the one who is separated from worldly attachments and connections; or thinking about the Guru (enlightened Master)

Reference used: The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Vaman Shivaram Apte.

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