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Are there any kshatriyas that don't trace descent from Solar or Lunar dynasties?

Is there any Kshatriya group that doesn't trace its descent from Solar or Lunar dynasties? Agnivansh is a prominent group amongst Rajputs, but any apart from these mentioned in Puranas or Vedas.
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Family Tree of Asuras

The most comprehensive one I know of is my own chart of the genealogy of sapient/civilization building races and their deity Upendra form I made through trial and error till I got something that made ...
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Which RigVedic deities have a parentage in the RigVeda itself?

Later scriptures have given geneologies to RigVedic deities who have no parentage in the RigVeda. I am asking about one rigVedic deity giving birth to another.
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Devāpi and Maru are over 5000 years old now. What have they been up to? (They become co-kings in the next Satya Yuga)

What have Devāpi and Maru been doing in their over 5000 year long lives? Also, how did Devāpi get to have such a long lifespan? Since they are both described as being the originator of the Kṣatriya in ...
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Where does the king Sudas of the Dasrajna war fit in the Lunar Dynasty?

I was reading about the Daśarājñá War mentioned in the Vedas and came to know that the winner was a King called Sudas who belonged to the Bharat lineage. That would imply that he descended from the ...
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What are the clans of Shakuni, Raja Drupad, & Rani Madri in the Mahabharata?

I know that the Pāṇḍavas were from the Kuru clan (vaṃśá) and Śrī Kṛṣṇa was from the Yadu clan, but from which clans did Shakuni, Raja Drupad, & Rani Madri come?
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What was the relationship between Ravan and Tadaka?

I remember watching some mythological in which Ravan calls Mareech his mama i.e. maternal uncle. But Mareech and Subahu were the sons of Tadka so does that make Ravan the grandson of Tadka? I checked ...