Which actions of ours are offensive towards gods? (Drinking, Dating, Masturbation, eating non veg etc). Can anyone provide me a list with some explanation? Are these sins?

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    Karma is stored in Manomaya kosha.. ie. In sheath of mind... Hence Bhava/intention of a Karma in mind makes a Karma good or bad... same Karma gives different results in different intentions... for eg. If a man kills another in anger and selfishness then he accumulates bad Karma of that actuvity... if YamRaj kills a person (when his time is over) he is just doing his duty and he isn't attached with that duty... so even if relatives and others may curse him God saves him.... similarly act of killing with intention to save others body also generate good karma.... same act killing results differ..
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    Upanishads in single sentence declare dharma as 'Atmanam Pratikulani Pareshaam na Samacharet' ie. Don't do that thing to other if that thing someone does on you it is Pratikula/don't liked by you... Hence Intentions/Bhava beside a Karma is important... Hence if others aren't affected Pratikula/Oppositely by your behaviour it isn't sin... In eating non. Veg there is standard philosophy in Buddhism... Lord Buddha says " One shouldn't eat meat if that is known heard or suspected that the animal was alive and it was killed for him. One can eat meat if one knows that it wasn't killed for him..."
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    God doesn't become angry by an activity of ours... it is because we solely are responsible for the reward and Punishment of karmas done by us...God may appear to be angry in certain acts of us... it is not due to Nature of God... It is due to compassion of God toward us... it is like a guide by God to us.... God wants that we may be freed from cycles of birth and rebirth due to his compassion seeing our dukkha....so he may act angry as a part of his leela to guide us....
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    It also depends on your intention... for eg. There are Vamacharas who think liberation is possible from masturbation and sex... there are advanced yogic positions and mudras from which semen can be retained and also reabsorbed through yoga... but anyhow it causes decreases in your Tejas energy... also you may become servant of 'Kama' which is one of our Panchashatru...so Indriya control is recommended...
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    God is not angry with anyone. In fact God loves you unconditionally! If your son cries to you that 'I'm not able to leave my addiction to cigarettes', then wont you do everything in your power to help him? How much more God who is all powerful and loving. If you focus on God, all other things fade away on their own. Everything is under the control of God, including your addictions. Pray to Him, why won't He liberate you! All the best.
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God is a non-doer and is unattached to the Universe and its living beings. It's primordial nature, the shakti of Brahman, which brings forth the creation. Brahman does not interfere in the creation.

Resorting to Prakrti, Nature, which is My own Power, I send forth again and again this multitude of beings that are without any freedom, owing to Nature's sway over them.

Gita 9.8

These activities do not in any way bind Me, because I remain detached like one unconcerned in their midst.

Gita 9.9

The net result of God's non-attachment is that any paapa we do, only damages us by accumulation of bad karma and destruction of our spiritual nature. God is not angry. Ishvara only distributes the fruits of our karma.

Is there a list of our sins?

Lust, anger and greed - this triad leads to the destruction of man's spiritual nature. They form the gateway to hell; they should be abandoned.

Gita 16.21

Vidura on Gates of hell

Great fear springeth from these three crimes, viz, theft of other’s property, outrage on other’s wives, and breach with friends. These three, besides, being destructive of one’s self, are the gates of hell, viz, lust, anger, and covetousness. Therefore, everyone should renounce them.

[Mahabharata, UdyogaParva, Section 33]

  • If god is a non doer, how is he granting fruits to our sadhana.?
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  • God is like a postman. He makes sure that the fruits of the karma go to the right person. Of course the Karmic arrow is insentient. It is Ishvara who distributes the fruits of karma. The fruit of action is from Him, this being the logical position. Brahma Sutra Bhasya of Sri Sankaracharya III.ii.38 translated by Swami Gambhirananda Commented Apr 2 at 4:07

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