My family follows the rule not to eat fish and chicken on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Last Saturday, when I was ordering take-out from a restaurant, the person in front of me ordered chicken biriyani, but asked the chef to not put any chicken pieces in the biriyani, because he was observing the same rule as me.

Is this cheating?

Where is the scripture for this rule?

  • Well in my family 1) on Jyēṣṭha Tuesdays we did bhandara, hence avoiding non veg. 2) on Thursdays, my mother practices fasts, hence we all avoid non veg. 3) on Saturdays, we participate in local hanuman temple for sundarkand, again avoiding non veg. Rest days don't have much in particular so! – Panibotal Jul 5 at 7:46

Avoiding non-veg food as a part of Dharma is a resultant of how we classify different types of foods. foods are distinguished as saatvik, Rajasi and taamsik. Without going too much in detail on types of food, I want to highlight that non-veg food generally high in tam which means that it takes one away from the spiritual path (if consumed without justification and only for taste).

When you don't eat non-veg on Thursday per-se, you make sure that you are on your way to following Vaishnav way of living which means you are(Probably a few inches only :)) closer to moksha. This does not justify eating it on other days, but you try to give respect and pay your regards to that God by keeping yourself less indulged in tamsik pravriti.

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