Does any epic or purana describes about Lord Shiva's trishul briefly? Specially Shiva Purana & Mahabharata, if I'm not wrong, Upamanyu had described something about Shiva's trishul to Lord Krishna in Mahabharata. Please describe anything mainly from these two holy books.

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In Shiva Purana, the power of Trishula was briefly described by Upamanyu.

  1. While performing penance, I saw at the side of Rudra the imperishable highly secret weapon which had no other missile superior or equal to it.

  2. It was the weapon Vijaya, the trident of the fierce weapon that destroyed all other weapons and missiles.

  3. There is no doubt that it could pierce through the entire earth, dry up the big ocean and cause all the luminary bodies to fall.

  4. It was the weapon with which Yauvanāśva the emperor of great refulgence and Māndhātṛ the powerful king who conquered the three worlds were killed formerly.

  5. The arrogant Haihaya king was killed with it. When the demon Lavaṇa challenged king Śatrughna this missile was hurled at him.

  6. When that demon was killed this trident had returned to Rudra. It had a sharp point and was highly terrifying.

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Shiva’s trishul represents the three fundamental aspects of life. These are the three fundamental dimensions of life that are symbolized in many ways. They can also be called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. These are the three basic nadis – the left, the right and the central – in the pranamaya kosha, or the energy body of the human system. Nadis are pathways or channels of prana in the system. There are 72,000 nadis that spring from the three fundamental ones.

Here we will find some info of shiv trishul

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