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Conversion from Hinduism to other religions [duplicate]

Is conversion to other religions allowed in Hinduism? Are there any references in Vedic texts on this regard? Is it considered a sin? If so what happens to one who converts after death?
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Is the reconvering of Hindus through "ghar wapsi" (homecoming) based on scripture? [duplicate]

nothing in hinduism in enforced strictly. large numbers of non-hindus have converted through "common law" and thats that. I remember a strict elderly Iyengar emit smoke from his ears because a non-...
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What are the steps for a person to take if he/she wants to convert to Hinduism?

What are the steps to take if a person wants to convert to Hinduism? Is it possible for anyone to convert to Hinduism?
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Did Jesus visit Jagannath Temple of Puri? [closed]

Levi H. Dowling wrote the book The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. The title of section VI is: Life and Works of Jesus in India, here is an extract: "And Jesus was accepted as a pupil in the ...
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What caste are foreigners?

If a person is born in hindu religion, he will have some caste. And is there anything that mentioned about foreigners? There are some civilizations like babylon that started in mesopotamia, along with ...
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Do Hindus intermarry with other religions?

Are Hindus allowed to marry people of other religions? If yes, how should they marry someone belonging to a different religion? Are the rules different for a man and a woman?
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Converting to Hinduism and Caste

I have read that people who convert to Hinduism do not belong to any specific caste. If the concept of no caste (or Jati, Varna) exists, and we are willing to allow people to be free of the caste ...
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Why didn't Hinduism get propagated to the entire world?

Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is considered to be one of the oldest religions. (Christianity came after Christ's birth more than 2000 years ago, and Islam came mostly after Paigambar). What could be the ...
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Looking to learn about Hinduism?

I'm an American and a Christian, and I don't know a lot about it but I think Hinduism just seems really beautiful and intriguing. I've heard of Hindu Atheists and one person told me it's more a way of ...
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What is a definition of being a Hindu and can one be a Hindu without being a particular caste? [duplicate]

To illustrate being a Christian means, I have faith that Jesus is the son of God is our saviour, put my faith in Lord the Father, Lord the Christ and the Holy Ghost. Rest all are historic developments....
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Scriptural authority for conversion of non-Hindus

Taking into consideration the birth based practice of Varnashrama prevailing for a couple of millennia, kindly give a clear scriptural sanction/ permission from the ultimate— apaurusheya Vedas, ...
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Are there any core invariants to Hinduism?

From what I've seen, Hinduism isn't a religion like most of the other modern ones with many "rules" that you have to follow, it's more of a "pick-your-own-rules" way of doing it. (See: Is there an ...
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Why does Hinduism not encourage converting people of other religion?

I have asked many people but haven't got a satisfactory answer. Not only Hindus reluctant to convert other people, but also it is extremely difficult for people from other religion to become Hindu. ...
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Did Sri Chaitanyadev ever convert any Muslim to a Vaishnava?

Sri Chaitanyadev appeared at a time when the country was under the Islamic rule. Did Sri Chaitanyadev ever convert any Muslim to Vaishnava? Looking for answer citing biography of Chaitanya.
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Can a non-Indian person trust Sanatan Dharma, follow it and so become Hindu? [closed]

Preface: I didn't find nowhere in the Shastras which I have read, nor in other books, if a person who was born inside a Western Country and feels devotion for Sanataan Dharma conducts of life, Devas ...
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