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A japamala, or just "mala", is a chain of prayer beads, often 108 in number.

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Why do chanting malas have 108+1 beads?

I have often heard that the number 108 has a special significance in the Vedic culture; when mantras are chanted using beads, it is done in a cycle of 108 times. And when 108 times are completed, the ...
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Alternative to Naam Japa

I used to do Naam Japa in the past but since I have come to know about Advaita this practice is unacceptable to my mind. I can't find it logical. Though I have experienced it's mind purifying benefits ...
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How many japa malas does one need?

There are so many japa malas for so many different sadhanas. Is it recommended to use the same mala for multiple sadhanas? Else how many does a regular person keeps with him/her ?
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Is there any purpose, or benefit, in using a mala when reciting a sahasranama?

As per the title, is there any benefit (or reason) to using a mala when reciting a sahasranama — such as using a tulsi mala while reciting the Vishnu Sahasranamam, for example, or an appropriate mala ...
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What are 108 names of Kaal Bhairava? Can we chant them on synthetic tulsi mala?

Can you share how to worship Kaal Bhairava at home?
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Gomukhi mala bag attachment to Sakshi Mala

How does one attach Gomukhi Mala bag, and a Sakshi Mala?
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Is a Japa Mala or Prayer Beads just a mantra counting system, or does it have a bigger significance?

Is a Japa Mala or Prayer Beads just a mantra counting system, or does it have a bigger significance? Does the material matter (for example, sandalwood beads, rudraksha beads, Tulsi beads, quartz ...
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What's the connection between the Red Sandalwood and the Deví (Shakti)?

I have heard at several places the intrinsic link between the Deví (Durga/Uma/Shakti) and the Red Sandalwood (Rakta-Chandan - रक्त चंदन ). Several "pandits" or astrologers advice doing the ...
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If sleepiness come in our body , then we have to sleep or not?

Its my personal experience when im doing japa( hare krishna mantra) in day time i realized after 15-20 minute of doing japa . I am very sleepy and lazy at that time and at moments i thinks that i ...
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About sphatik Mala

I have a sphatik Mala of 107 +1 beads. Can I wear this mala? Can I remove sumeru with other sphatik beads to correct number ? or, I have my old sphatik Mala but I don't know whether it is original ...
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Japa of 111 beads in Kaliyuga​?

Count of beads according to Yuga. 111 for Kaliyuga ? In Hinduism there is 1 mala of 108 beads. Is it true that 108 beads mala is for Dvapara Yuga while 111 beads mala is for Kaliyuga ? Would like ...
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Is there a name for a wrist mālā?

Is it called just mālā, or does it have a special name? I'm not concerned about the material, rather about the fact that it's shorter and worn on a wrist.
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What is the significance of '108' beads in the rosary (japmala)?

There are exactly 108 beads in the rosary (japmala). What's the significance of the count 108 here?
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