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Vibhishana was the younger brother of Ravana and Kumbhakarna.

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Were Meghnada and Kumbhkarna aware that they were supporting adharma?

In Ramayana, Vibhishana was wise enough to know that Ravana was doing adharma and therefore refused to support him in the war. But did Kumbhkarana and Meghnada know that they are on the side of ...
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Who was the Shishya of Rishi Pulatsya, sent a message to his grandson, Ravana through Vibhishana?

When Ravana got the news of Lord Rama's arriving at the opposite side of sea along with Vanarasena ready to fight with Ravana, Ravana asked his councillors "Give me proper advice." His ...
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Can you please provide the meaning of Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra in English and explain its benefits?

Please provide the line by line meaning of Vadvanal Stotra in English along with the benefits. Thank you.
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Was Vibhishana powerful?

We all know that Vibhishana was a Brahmin-Daitya/Brahmin-Rakshasa and was an ardent follower of Lord Rama. But I think he didn't kill even a single person in the Rama-Ravana war. So, in my view, he ...
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Why vibheeshana did not choose to be neutral?

Vibheeshana loved his family . It was plausible for him to be neutral and not take sides with sri ram . why did he choose to end up in the camp of sri ram inspite of possiblity of being killed ?
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Did Mandodari marry Vibhishana after Ravana was killed?

Is it true that after lord Rama defeated Ravana and declared Vibhishana the king, Vibhishana married Mandodari?
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How many son(s) and daughter(s) did Vibhisana and Indrajit have?

Did Vibhisana have any son and daughter? and Did Indrajit have any son and daughter? Any mention in Ramayan? Did Vibhisan have any son/daughter after marring Mandodari?
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Who finally had Pushpak Viman in the end? [duplicate]

After returning to Ayodhya after killing Ravan on Pushpak Viman, whom did Lord Ram gave it to ?
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What do the scriptures say about the eight generals of Lord Rama?

I am currently reading the Yog Vasishth and it is throwing up a lot of interesting details. In Chapter 2 of Book 1 we find the following statement: 28-29 The eight ministers of Rama — Dhrishta, ...
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If Brahma granted Vibhishana immortality then why did no Rakshasas consider him the king and leader?

Here is an excerpt from Mahabharata for the proof that Vibhishana being given a boon of immortality. Saying, 'It shall be so' 'Brahma then addressed Vibhishana, 'O my son, I am much pleased with ...
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Chance of Ravana to win the war against Ram [closed]

If Vibhishan is not in the Rama's side . What is a chance of Ravan to defeat Ram in the war. As we can see that Vibhishan has pretty good impact in the war. like; 1) He told Ram about real ...
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When did Vibhishana stop being king of Lanka?

In this chapter of the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana, after Ravana's death his brother Vibhishana is coronated as the king of Lanka: Hearing the words of the great soled Rama, Lakshmana replied, 'so ...
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What happened to vibhishana and sugreeva?

My question concerns vibhishana and sugreeva of ramayana. After Vibhishana was made the king of Lanka and Sugreeva returned to rishyamukh hill what happened to them after that and how did they die?
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Ravana - Who were his parents and siblings?

Who were the parents of Ravana? What were the names of Ravana's brothers and sisters? And who is the real king of Lanka? Ravana or Vibhishana?
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