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Questions regarding marriage

I am ofc going to be single, so this rule doesn't apply to me, but what I want to know is when a boy and girl would formally marry. Then, when that marriage is consummated. What is the punishment for ...
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Who is God of Oldness? What are the details about him?

Jara is called the god of oldness. Who is he? Where does he live? Any story about him? Anyone who has defeated him?
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Do scriptures say one mustn't lie their age to be less?

Generally people tend to lie about their age, mostly telling the wrong numbers in smaller figures than the actual age. Recently, I heard an elder saying that lying about age with smaller figure ...
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What was Ravana's age when Sri Rama killed him?

Ravana was born way before Sri Rama, as per inferences using some texts, he was born 12 or 13 Mahayuga before Sri Rama (born - 24th Treta Yuga). From this answer, it seems that Ravana was at least 56 ...
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How human age is related to number of breaths?

Is it true that brahma assigns certain number of breaths to each creature based on karma? Why it's breaths count and not time?
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What do scriptures say about vairagya at early ages?

Most of the people think that vairagya is not good during early ages (say 10 - 30). I am asking this question for people who are practicing Grihastha (householder) ashram. What do scriptures tell ...
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