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Where is word Allah used to invoke Maa Durga?

Well in one of recent videos I heard Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda claiming that the 'Allah is a Sanskrit word which is used to invoke Maa Durga' Does any one have any information ...
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Are there two Kashyaps

Kashyapa is one of the Saptarishis to whom several important texts such as the Kashyapa Samhita (on Ayurveda) is attributed. Then there is Kanada, who is the father of the Vaisheshika school of Hindu ...
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What are the most documented miracles in Hinduism?

By most documented I mean the most supported by evidence, which may include medical records (in the case of a miraculous healing), video recordings (if possible), multiple eyewitnesses, etc. Have ...
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Is Sanskrit literature really oldest?

Is Sanskrit literature oldest ? The history is showing proofs that Sanskrit literature is only in 1st century But Hebrew literature is 10th century B.C.E But we are saying that our puranas are written ...
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Any evidence for the claim that Padma Purana was interpolated by the Jains?

Many people say that Padma Purana was interpolated by the Jains. Does any historian support this claim? Is there any evidence in support of this claim?
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Why does everyone on the internet say scriptural reference is the final source? [closed]

I have seen few Q&A's on stack exchange and many other platforms. There, people after discussing on a specific topic, at last, ask for scriptural references for proving what they're saying as ...
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What is the purpose of marriage? [duplicate]

Is it to get rid off loneliness, to attain lustfulness, to have more commitment, sacrifice, inheritance, safeguard wealth and oneself? Or what exactly? People do get married before these questions ...
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What is scriptural reference for the concept of Brahma Rakshasa?

As per this wikipedia article Brahma Rakshasha are Sprit with quality of brahmin as well as Rakshasha. Can someone please tell what is Origin of the concept Scriptural reference where this concept is ...
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Where does this shloka about epidemic appear in Narada, Vashishtha or Vrahta Samhita?

Where does this shloka about epidemic appear in Narada, Vashishtha or Vrahta Samhita? भूपाव हो महारोगो मध्य स्यार्धवृष्ट य। दुखिनो जंत्व सर्वे वत्स रे परी धाविनी There are lot of videos and ...
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Is this alleged citation from the Paingirahasya Brahmana verifiable from neutral commentators?

eko ha vai nārāyaṇa āsīn na brahmā na ca śaṅkaraḥ Only Narayana existed - not Brahma, not Shankara This is cited by Vaishnavites as evidence for their sectarian doctrines. I originally questioned if ...
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