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Questions related to god Varuna (god of water).

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If Yamuna gave way to Lord Krishna, then why didn't the Ocean (Varuna) do the same for Rama?

If Yamuna gave way to Lord Krishna, then why didn't the Ocean (Varuna) do the same for Rama? Two possible reasons I could think of are that The Ocean affects the earth's wind cycle Splitting the ...
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Is it an offence against Varuna if I urinate/defecate in toilet water?

Is that something that will create bad karma or lead to Hell? In reference to Manusmriti, chapter 4, verses 44—56.
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What were the circumstances surrounding Srutayudha's birth and how did he become king of Kalinga?

Srutayudha (aka Srutayusha) was king of Kalinga who fought on side of Kauravas in Mahabharata. And Suvala's son Sakuni, and Salya, Jayadratha and the two princes of Avanti named Vinda and Anuvinda, ...
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What are the three worlds in the Rig Veda

I was reading a book called 'Astronomical Myths:Myths of the Heavens' by John F. Blake and I came across this at Page 11-13: "Thus to the earth they gave the name P'RTHOVI, "the wide expanse;" ...
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Who were the sons of Varuna killed by Ravana?

In Yuddha Kanda, Chapter 7, when the ministers are eulogising Ravana about his qualities, they say that the four sons of Varuna were killed (defeated?) by Ravana. śūrāḥ ca balavantaḥ ca varuṇasya ...
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Why did Varuna Deva want a human sacrificed to him?

The story of Shunahshepa is famous because it is an attempted human sacrifice to a Vedic deity. There are other mentions of attempted human sacrifice in Hindu scriptures. For example, in the ...
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Which was the red sea that the Pandavs visited on their journey to attain Swarga?

The Book 17: Mahaprasthanika Parva Section I mentions the Pandavs visiting a red-sea. This is where Arjun returned his divine bow and arrows to the Lord of the Ocean: Setting themselves on Yoga, ...
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Why Mitra and Varuna devas are also called Rudras In Rig veda book 5 hymn 70?

Mitra and Varuna devas are adityas,which is considered different group from Rudras,While Rig Veda book 5 hymn 70 calls Them Rudras.Is it there a specific Reason or they have compared them both to ...
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Why are there so many similarities between Zoroastrianism and Hinduism? [closed]

As far as I know, Zoroastrian is the closest among all to the Vedic religion. There are many similarities like: Both have fire and fire rituals as its core. Deities like Soma, Mitra, Varuna etc ...
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What has Virāṭa Parva pārāyaṇa got to do with rains?

From this news article: Prayers offered for rains Hundreds of people thronged Indrakeeladri on the bank of the river Krishna to witness 'Varuna yagam' and 'sahasraghatabhishekam' performed for ...
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What is the story of Varuna's Rajasuya Yajna

In Srimad Bhagavatam, in the 7th chapter of the Dasama Skandhas, Yudishthira's Rajasuya Yajna is described. It is compared twice to a Rajasuya performed by Varuna. SB 10.74.13-15 — The utensils ...
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Did Vishnu or Varuna measure out the Earth?

The Rigveda mentions in several places that Vishnu measured out the Earth: Rigveda 1.154.1–3 1 "I will declare the mighty deeds of Viṣṇu, of him who measured out the earthly regions, Who ...
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Why is sage Bhrigu called the son of Varuna the ocean god?

The Taittirya Upanishad makes up the seventh, eighth, and ninth Vallis (sections) of the Taittirya Aranyaka of the Yajur Veda. The last of these three Vallis is called the Bhrigu Valli, and this how ...
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When did Krishna fight Varuna and Agni?

In the Udyoga Parva of the Mahabharata, Krishna goes to Duryodhana on behalf of the Pandavas in order to try to negotiate peace and avert the Kurukshetra war. When he hears that Krishna is coming, ...
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