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How Sri Ramanujacharya interpret Aham Brahmasmi? [duplicate]

I have come across the interpretation of Sri Madhvacharya on Aham Brahmasmi. But I would like to know the Sri Ramanuja's interpretations.
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How does dvaita philosophy explain aham brahmaasmi? [duplicate]

aham brahmaasmi (I am Brahman) is a famous upanishad sentence. Prima facie, this statement is advaita-friendly because it is saying that jeeva is same as Brahman. But the dvaita philosophy of ...
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Why isn't there one Absolute Reality?

This is just to elicit opinion/discussion. There is no ''answer" to it really. You can choose to close it. But it is something that I always wondered about. In the annals of Sanaatana Dharma why isn'...
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Dvaita vs Advaita vs Vishistadvaita vs Shuddhadvaita vs any other

I hear these terms Dvaita, Advaita, Vishistadvaita, Shuddhadvaita, and may be any other XYZdvaita, etc in most of the questions but I am not very sure what do they refer to. Are these some communities ...
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What are Vivartavada and Ajatavada?

In some text relating to advaita I've found two Vada(वाद) i.e doctrine/thesis: Vivartavada (विवर्तवाद) Ajatavada (अजातवाद) I also found some mention Advaita Vedanta as Vivartavada. So, I want to ...
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Was advaita scholar Sri Vidyaranya defeated by Sri Akshobhya Tirtha?

It is said that a debate took place between Sri Vidyaranya of Sankara tradition and Sri Akshobhya Teertha of Madhwa sampradaya and Sri Vedanta Desikan declared Sri Akshobhya as a winner. Is it true ?...
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Did arjuna violate the celibacy clause in his 12 year exile?

I read the following thing in the accepted answer to Where was Arjuna for 12 years when he was exiled?. So the five brothers made a rule that they would spend time with Draupadi in turn and no one ...
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What is the significance of “Aham Bramhasmi”?

We Hindus believe that the Supreme lord (Shiva/Vishnu) exists. Then what does Aham Bramhamsi signify?
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How do non-Advaitin defend Advaitin argument that difference need not be taught in scripture?

It is daily experience that we all are different beings , therefore scriptures will be purposeless if they taught that is very obvious. Hence, the actual meaning of scripture must be some unknown ...
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What is the correct meaning of the verse that establishes Caitanya's divinity?

The verse I am talking about is this. kṛṣṇa-varṇaṁ tviṣākṛṣṇaṁ sāṅgopāṅgāstra-pārṣadam yajñaiḥ saṅkīrtana-prāyair yajanti hi su-medhasaḥ The above verse from Srimad Bhagavatam (11.5.32) was cited by ...
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Have Madhwa's methods of scripture-interpretation been criticized by later commentators?

Madhwa's methods have been characterized as "often Sri Madhva's arguments rely on nuances and ingenious usage of grammar, often lending unusual meanings to very familiar and straightforward words."...
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What is the meaning of mahavakya and how was/is it used?

What is the meaning of mahavakya? What was/is it used for, I mean what is its importance? What does mahavakya convey? This is not specifically with respect to Advaita Vedanta, but in general whichever ...
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What is the significance of the Mahavakyas in non-Shankara Advaitic philosophies?

As stated here the Mahavakyas are profound statements taken from the Upanishads. Now in Shankara’s Advaita philosophy one can understand why the Mahavakyas are called so, because the jiva realises his ...
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