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The methodology of deriving meaning from Vedas and hierarchy of vruttis and lakshanas

This question here explores the definition of Lakshanas and Vruttis and Sanskrit grammar. So we have two vruttis and subtypes. Mukhya Vrutti a. Yaugiki b. Rudhi c. Yoga-Rudhi Lakshana Vrutti a. ...
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How does mimamsa explain the existence of humans?

How does mimamsa explain the existence of humans. Do they take the verses about manu literary or do they believe that humans came after evolution. Or Do mimamsa believes that humans existed co-...
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Did adi shankara refuted Mimamsa's claim on Brahman's Omniscience?

Did adi shankara debated with mimamsa scholar are refuted them on Brahman Omniscience. Because mimamsa doesn't believe in Brahman or if they believe they do not believe Brahman alone exist or he is ...
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Why is Veda Vyasa Siddhanta different from Vedanta Siddhanta in Sarva Siddhanta Sangraha?

I recently came across the book called Sarva Siddhanta Sangraha which is claimed to be written by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Was this book written by Adi Shankaracharya? And, in the contents, Veda ...
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What is mimamsa interpretation of upanishadic verses that are against ritualistic part of the Vedas?

The eighteen persons necessary for the performance of sacrifice are transitory and not permanent and karma in its nature inferior, has been stated as resting upon these. Those ignorant persons who ...
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