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Was Buddha reincarnation of Agni?

Was buddha the reincarnation of vedic god agni? āga means fire. the pali way is tathāgata. the jain way is tathāgaya. blue_ego's way is tathajāta.
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the ishvara paradox

If buddha is the incarnation of Visnu, like sanatana (hindu) religion believe, do we have something of a dilemma? what are we to say, he was just fake suffering before his enlightenment? c'mon, that ...
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does dharma have stages?

the eternal dharma, known as sanatana dharma, is a concept in hinduism. eternal is often confused with unchanging, constant, but it might be more correct to say without beginning-end, forever. I've ...
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Did Buddha Praise Gayatri Mantra?

I wish to ask something about Gayatri Mantra and its relation to Buddha. In a Buddhist text Buddha is quoted as saying "Of sacrifices the fire sacrifice is the chief, Of Vedic hymns Savitti is ...
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is Krishna bhagwan also known as Mara

Is Krishna Bhagawan - the sage-hero-god from Mahabharata- also known as Mara? I don't know much, so this is just some speculation. Mara is the villian in Buddha's story. there is this post: https://...
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